Sort by "least genes" in US region bug [1746] [FIXED]

Either I don’t understand what this sort function is supposed to mean or it isn’t working correctly. For example, if I look at pastel ball pythons and select sort by least genes, I would expect the first listings to be pastels. These would be followed by 2 gene combos like pastel mojaves, pastel fires, etc. I just did exactly that-sorted pastels by least genes and the first result is a super pastel GHI lesser and the animals following don’t seem to be organized according to any rhyme or reason concerning number of genes as far as I can tell. Sorting by “most genes” does seem to function as expected with complicated combos at the beginning and standalone pastels as the last listings…so I’m thinking something isn’t working right?


Testing this out, it seems to be a issue with the US region only…

Spotnose- Least genes:


… we will look in to this, thank you!


Also the limit trait button doesn’t work either. If I set to Spotnose limited to 1 trait then I get results regardless of the trait limit, most multi-gene. I then end up putting most genes in the excluding traits section.

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I acknowledge the OP’s bug. I think limiting mostly works. If you put 1-1 it works. If you put 0-1 it includes a few weird ads, which I think are the ones showing up in the OP’s query.


Found the bug and fixed. It particularly affected the several big breeders whose sites are crawled and updated automatically (a legacy feature).