Sort Messages by Specific Ads [#1786]

I think being able to filter or sort your messages per ad would be nice. We could set a filter to show messages for one particular animal instead of flipping through them all trying to find specific ones. I think this would be useful when selling an animal and then going back to previous inquiries and marking them no longer available.

I’m not exactly sure how to implement such filters. Possibly filter messages by ID#? You can’t really filter them by the ad’s name because you could have multiple ads with the same name, so filtering messages by the animal ID# would probably be the best option for this since each animal should have its own unique ID#.

For example: If I wanted to show all messages about my animal #KAM2021-S-01-01, I could click on a drop down menu or type that ID# into a search bar and every inquiry for that particular snake would show up. Then I could go though all the previous inquiries and mark them no longer available without searching though inquiries on other animals too.


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I like the idea of this. You can currently search for conversations from a certain buyer/Seller you are looking for, I see it working in the same way but with ID#.

We currently have something like this on our Feature Request spreadsheet already. I’ve updated it, added your votes and a link back to this thread for reference. If you come up with any other ideas related to this please drop them here. :blush:


This is a feature already prioritized for one of our developers, Filter Messages to Inquiries about an Animal #1786.

Thanks @krabbeaquatics!