Sources of whole prey for large reptiles

I am lookingfor reasonable sources of whole prey for when my monitor lizards get big.

I am breeding rats
I can fish for no thiamese fish
Purchase fish at the fish market in pensacola
Raise or breed chickens
Breed rabbits.
See about deer meat scraps from the abbatour.
Purchase beef at the butcher

I want healthy whole prey (the monitors won’t be fed live prey) and other meat sources without having to pay an arm, leg, and foot for shipping.


Try talking to local farmers, 4H groups, homesteading groups and the like. If you esatblish relationships with them and explain what you are looking for they might be willing to provide you with culls and imperfect animals and other similar b-grades


Great idea, thanks. I’ll see if I can find contact info and ways to introduce myself and ask when the guys are a little bigger.