Sourcing bedding for bigger collections

Hello all.

I usually get my bedding from shows. I can get a huge 2-4 cu ft bag of Aspen shavings for $20-40. Of course my local shows have been cancelled month after month and I’m having to resort to paper towel for the moment.

I was wondering how everyone here sources their substrates for bigger collections and how you guys are finding the best quality for the best price.

I’ve been looking for any wood and coco bedding online. Aspen, cypress, the like. I’d be interested in hearing if you guys buy online or local.

I use coco blocs for my retic, they run around $30 for 10lb blocks.

I haven’t used it myself but ProCoco has local dealers you can look up most will go as low as $12 if not $10 when you buy a few together. I’m looking at going to pickup 10 from the store down the road, I don’t like repti chip and freedom breeder has huge chunks all of a sudden and is too expensive. Other than that expos.

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Good to know!

I’ve seen dealers that have pre-cut liners for the common tub sizes, and I was thinking of checking those out for my terrestrial geckos. Does anyone have experience with people selling pre-cut tub/cage liners?

I had tried these disposable liners that a brand called Komodo makes for tanks, and they have pros and cons. Main con being that I feed a lot of caterpillar-type prey, and my geckos sometimes have a tough time yanking them off the liner, if they drop one after taking from the tongs. They were really nice for when I’d miss refilling the water dish, etc. though!

At the moment I just use paper towels. I accidentally bought white ones last time, when I prefer the aesthetic of the brown ones, so for now my enclosures aren’t exactly beautiful. heh.


We buy both reptichip and reptile prime from Amazon and mix them 1:1. The combo provides just enough for our collection and holds humidity the best without growing mold. As long as we keep up with spot cleaning, the bedding lasts about 6 weeks.

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@jkobylka mentioned in a video a while back that he just walked into his local newspaper printer and asked for the end rolls of paper. Newspaper printers leave a huge was of unused paper on a roll at the end that can’t go through the machine for whatever reasons.

I’ve been getting the giant bags of Aspen from local shows. They told me that you can get shredded aspen from local farm supply stores as well. I think it’s sold as horse bedding? I haven’t had much luck finding any but maybe I’ve been looking at the wrong things. A breeder block of reptichip is 20 bucks at the local show as well.

Just a smidge off topic but I love your profile pic. I’m a huge Monster Hunter fan. Been playing since first gen.

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I use Repti-Zorb precut liners from Superior Shipping for all of my leopard geckos. Like any other product, the more you buy, the lower the price. This stuff is not cheap but I absolutely love it. It absorbs well, looks amazing, and makes cleanup a breeze. Personally I feel like the tradeoff between price and time savings when cleaning is 100% worth it.

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Thanks for the input! :smiley: