Spark is the best, here’s my boy!

Whilst simple, spark is by far one of my favorite morphs and looks amazing with spotnose imo, here’s some pics of my little man Tony Sparks who got to go outside for a little bit!

He’s a rather simple looking snake in the pictures but sadly it’s rather shady where I took the pics, absolutely gorgeous sandy color to him with awesome pixelated flames on him in the sun. I definitely want to see pics of y’all’s sparks and spark combos! Hoping eventually I can make a worlds first with Tony here but I’d be happy with anything he makes for me in the soon future (July 31st expo here I come lol)


Hey great pictures! Mr T. S. looks very spiffy even without the sun. Thank you for sharing! Unfortunately I happen to be “Sparkless”. :confounded:

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Unfortunate but great joke lol, hoping early next year will be my very first selling year for hatchlings and this boy will most likely be the sire for a good amount of it so the collection is ever growing lol, otherwise my goals are some combos using my pinstripe banana once he settles in more and puts on more weight, along with a gender confirmation via probing since I’m not too sure :thinking:

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