Split clutch id input

So I have another split clutch

Mom was a dh ghost clown
Here’s the clutch
Pairing butter dh ghost clown, leopard dh clown pied, redstripe dh clown g stripe , hurricane het clown, banana pastave het clown

Let’s rule some out, don’t see any hurricane or banana so don’t think those sired anything

Included a photo of mom , one looks like a butter ghost , one looks like a leopard, the other 3 I’m up in the air on look normalish not sure if any redstripe there or any other low quality leopard


Will of course get more complete photos as they completely come out

You need photos once they shed… they look very dry… the humidity probably needs to be increased.


I’ll go add some more water in there

Again pre shed but they are out, one unfortunately not photod was dead in the egg pretty developed so not sure if umbilical issues or what.

To me I see one that’s definitely from the leopard male , one of course the butter , other two in question look like possible from my redstripe to me , let me know if anyone agrees or disagrees again I know it’s tough pre shed just getting my ideas on them preliminarily

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I’m not seeing the leopard personally. Split clutches aren’t a super common occurrence what has you convinced it’s a split clutch? Also why did you breed to so many males?


I agree with @saleengrinch. I don’t see leopard. Here’s a leopard hatchling of mine for reference.
Pre-shed and post shed.

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Also hard to say until they shed but don’t believe the butter has hypo in it as well.

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Here’s a hypo butter I hatched for reference

Got ya. I’ll check them out again post shed,

The female was sold as dh ghost clown so I put her with multiple males as I wanted her to definitely go, was impatient, and wanted to prove the het clown, however out of all these hatchlings not a single clown so either bad odds or she isn’t het clown.

I wouldn’t imagine that it would only be from the butter as only sire as only hit one butter and all the rest would have to be normals that would be pretty weird odds so I think if not leopard that I do see some potential red stripe in one of them for sure , I’ll get update photos when they shed. The one I thought possible leopard was just much darker but maybe then just a dark normal , time will tell

This doesn’t necessarily increase your chances of getting eggs. It just makes it incredibly hard to get a true Id on any of them. It appears the lesser was the sire and your hets didn’t prove out.


I agree here. Your lesser is the culprit!

Bummer and looks like either he or she wasn’t het clown after all as didn’t get a single clown

So are all the non butters just variations of normals ? That would be shitty odds as well , oh well you win some you lose some , many more clutches to come and 3 still in incubator but have another female supposed dh ghost clown that I got from same person so hope I didn’t get lied to

In my opinion yes

Thanks for the input here are more of the dark one I thought was leopard maybe just a dark weird normal I guess

And here’s the leopard potential , maybe not potential dad as well

Here’s more of the dark one in question , belly shot , he/ she has the brownish top of the head stamp like my male leopard and others ive seen, now the pattern isn’t quite as melty or dramatic though , probably trying too hard here hoping it is one since had such crummy odds on this clutch

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Don’t give up just yet on her not being dh clown ghost, you used dh x dh. Trust me! Took me 6 years and about 70 eggs to get a visual lav albino g stripe from a dh pairings that i had produced so i KNEW they were 100% dh. you only have 1 in 32 chance of hitting a clown.


That’s a gorgeous one you produced

On the bright side I have a cg pin 66 het g stripe laying right now and I know exactly who the dad is lol redstripe het clown het g stripe so hoping for some redstripe g stripe combos 50% het clown

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Again I see leopard in this girl mom might have been genetic banded

Here is post shed

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