Spotnose or not?


This is my enchi leopard het clown male, I’m questioning whether or not he is spotnose, or a low expression of spotnose. His head stamp is why I fell in love with him as my first ball python. My wife chose him which is why he is not a female. Yes I am new to the ball python game, but my knowledge is building, I’m seeing morphs that are not ID’d in some listings. Please help in my endeavors and assist in my learning!


I’m not seeing spotnose here, I think that headstamp is from the enchi and if your snake had spotnose, you would see a much bolder, more obvious headstamp as well as the little moustache they tend to have.

However the picture you tried to post didn’t fully upload, so if you want to try and upload it fully that might help because the patterns on enchi leopard vs enchi leopard spotnose are pretty different


I need to get some more pictures of him, I thought I had some better pictures, but all I have are some top down photos that don’t show more of his head.