Staring Corn Snake?

I’ve searched online for reasons why our Corn snake seems to stare at us. What we can find doesn’t make sense eg he’s sleeping… but that’s not the case as he moves and watches us when we move. I read somewhere that it means he’s hungry but he does it every day even after a feed. Does anyone have an answer? ?

Corns are very active snakes and learn quick that people mean food. Or that certain things mean food. I’m always being stared and watched by everyone as I do tub cleans and such. Keep to a feeding schedule. Corns can and will get fat with overfeeding. If you aren’t noticing a weight loss then you are doing fine. If you are noticing a lack of growth you may need to up size of food or number of food items given at a time. But corns aren’t balls, they gonna be watching you pretty much always. Always begging/hoping for more food.

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