Stolen World is a must read!

Morelia Python Radio covered it on their book club series so I thought I’d give it a shot. I’ll have it finished a couple days and I’ll write a little better synapses, but I highly recommend this book for any herpetoculturist whether you were around for this stuff or not.

Stolen World delves into the history of reptile smuggling in the US with surprising detail. Fair warning though, if you’re a big Tom Crutchfield fan, they didn’t pull any punches in this book and it may impact your opinion of him negatively.

I picked it up on Amazon for less than $15.


I do a lot of flying for work, so I plan on getting a copy to read.


That sounds like really…I won’t say “good reading,” because it sounds depressing. How about “worthy reading?” I’ll have to look into finding it after I finish my current less-than-light book.