Store Page 2022 Design

In the process of redesigning all the core pages on our website, we just launched the new store page! We believe this is the professional look that takes our sellers web presence to the next level.

New features include:

  • Cleaner, more modern look
  • Sidebar to jump to different sections
  • Collapsable text areas
  • Slider for animals for sale at the bottom with larger images

Sellers, for the best possible logo: - Choose a 500x500 square image - Use a solid not transparent background, such as white or black


I really like what the new store update was going for, but I feel like it missed the mark a little bit. Having collapsible text areas is a great addition and I really like the new side bar. However, it feels like there is less information taking up more space. Mostly because the space isn’t being used very efficiently. Its harder to get information about listings at a glance as it takes more scrolling and clicking to see traits. I’m also a little disappointed the accepted payments section being removed.

In general, I think this update is a good thing but it still needs a little refinement and optimization.


Thank you for the feedback, we will use it to improve.

However, regarding this…

It hasn’t been removed, it’s right there under the phone number :wink:

Thank you! I don’t know how I missed that. Im really glad that got added to profiles


The one thing I’m starting to miss and wish was on this new design was the ability to see the genes available from a seller. I miss being able to go to a sellers page and seeing they had, let’s say (4) VPI Axanthics, and being able to click on that and going to see that sellers (4) VPIs they had available.

Now with it being all click button, you actually have to go to the filter (after you click view more snake’s from their page) and edit to see certain genes. So you don’t really know if they have them or not, until you filter as well. It’s like a double guess work. Does this person have VPI or am I going to be disappointed after filtering and doing al that work, ya know?


I liked that feature too.

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It’s still there :blush:


Wait, how could have I missed that! Thank you Thomas!


See I’m glad im not the only one who didnt see it. @lumpy now I know its just you and I who are dumb and blind :joy:


Well a dumb person wouldnt have asked :blush: they would have just lived with the suffering of not knowing :joy:


Lol :joy: so true

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