Strange object

This may be a dumb question, but Does anyone know what this might be? I found it in the cool side, at first I thought it was poop, but not sure…

It is poop :poop:

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Thank you! I was expecting something bigger I guess lol just wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything foreign!

Gotta know what is the size and breed of snake that made that Itty bitty poo. I don’t think even my tiniest of corn babies make that size lol

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He’s a 6 month old corn snake. That’s why I was a little skeptical about it lol

I’m assuming this is not a normal sized poo for him since you didn’t know what it was… Otherwise I’d be concerned about food size or frequency of being fed.

I’m not really sure, I just got him a week before finding it. The people I got him from said he was fed on Wednesday, but I gave him a few days to settle, so I didn’t feed him til the following Friday. I fed him one f/t pinkie

You could easily get away with upping either food amount (2 pinkies instead of one) or frequency (every 5 days instead of 7) just as a tip. Most of my snakes under a year get both double pinkies and generally fed every 5 days as well. Little ones tend to burn through energy so fast…

Thank you, I will try feeding 2 pinkies next feeding, and feed sooner also. Hopefully this results in some normal poops! Lol.

It’s also just good all the way around to keeping a baby corn in optimal condition. Colubrids also can and do poop more than once per feeding. I do every other day checks for poo on all my corns. Sometimes they are big and sometimes not. They only gonna put out what isn’t needed by the body (so to speak) so if they are using everything to fuel their system there won’t be much in the way of poo

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That makes sense. Thank you so much. I really do appreciate all your advice. This is my first snake, so I’m still learning, but this site is a life saver for sure!

If you ever need anything feel free to send me a direct message. I can’t help with the advanced stuff (yet) but I can most certainly help with the basics. Corns are my passion.

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