Stubborn feeder

Hello all, I have a stubborn miami locality sub adult cornsnake that hasn’t eaten in at least a month and a half. Backstory, I was living in an apartment in homestead south of Miami and one day sitting on my back patio a baby cornsnake came up to my patio. I thought it was either an escapee or a “released unwanted pet” because of how tame it was. I now think maybe it was a wild baby, and was just a chill little guy. It had no problems eating for quite a while, but lately its become very stubborn. It was on hopper size mice and would eat frozen thawed, but has refused, I tried live, it killed a couple, but wouldn’t eat them, so I tried smaller fuzzy and even pinkys, no luck. Tried putting it overnight in a secluded dark container with a couple fuzzys, f/t and live, no luck. I ordered some anole scent from reptilinks but there are shipping delays, maybe that can help. Any ideas here? All my other corns are pigs and eat every time no problem. Also once I realized it may truly be wild caught, or even if it wasn’t but was released I had a vet in florida check it out to make sure it was healthy, and it was given a clean bill of health. There was no change in husbandry or anything really that triggered its hunger strike. And it still is very active and alert and still has a decent body condition. I’ve had it a year and a half now.