Stuck eyecap or

Little boa shed yesterday. Both eyecap were on the shed, but this eye doesn’t look right to me. Ideas or am I just being paranoid?
(edited to put in clearer picture )

I can’t see the problem in this photo. Can you describe what looks wrong to you?

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Can we see the other eye for reference?

Eye I was concerned about seems to have stuck shed around it.

Other eye:

Yeah subtle, probably natural variation. It’s just that everything has fallen apart this past month. My husband is seriously ill, and I don’t think I could face anything happening to the little boa.

I’ve never had a boa constrictor before, I wouldn’t think sand boas count and I’m probably just being stupid.
Thank you for looking at my post and trying to help.

Well you said the eye cap came off the last shed. If you think there’s just some stuck shed around the eye, probably wouldn’t be as concerning since the eye cap already came off. Maybe a soak just to make sure and put your mind at ease?

Wishing quick recovery for your hubbs and hope your noodle is fine :slight_smile:

Thanks, good advice, I’m not sure how I thought there could be a stuck eyecap under a shed that has 2 eyecaps, just not thinking clearly I guess.:flushed:

Can you take a picture straight down of the top of it’s head? It does looks like it might be slightly swollen.

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Sorry for the poor quality. Getting her to be still is almost impossible.


It does look a little swollen toward the front rim of the eye but it might just be the picture. Can you take one with a solid color background? Sorry, I just want to make sure your baby is in good shape.


I want to apologize to everybody who responded to my post before I just disappeared. I really appreciate you trying to help me. My husbands Health took a turn for the worse and I spent my time at the hospital and just taking care of my pets.

Anyway I appreciate the name suggestions, I named my little boa Salmirissa from David Eddings book series. I kept soaking her, and she kept soaking herself in her water bowl, she shed a second time and it seems to have corrected the problem.