Stuck shed help!

Hello… So my newest addition, a 2017 male pied, has a stuck shed. I don’t understand why? I’ve got everything perfect. None of my other ball pythons ever have a stuck shed. I’m going to try soaking him a little tonight, but I’m always concerned about stressing them out. I don’t know if he is really stressed out being in a new home. Any thoughts? Thanks. I also thought that he went from blue to trying to shed his skin off really quickly. Usually after they come out of blue, it takes a few days. He went right from being in blue, to trying to shed. Not even 24 hours after being in blue.

I’m not a vet but all I could say is give a 20min Luke warm bath once a day. You might have to do this again the following day as well. In the tank i also suggest to keep an eye on humidity as that can help as well. Hope your snake comes out of it okay

Here is Snake Discovery’s take on the subject:

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Thanks. To up the humidity, I think I’m going to use shredded coconut husk. The humidity is at 60-65 percent. I think he is stressed from being in a new environment.

When my BPs shed I up the humidity to around 70-80 via misting them and they have perfect sheds everytime.


A valid concern but I wouldn’t worry about it too much. A 15-20 minute soak should help, and this a situation where it’s a proper use. “Stress” is a buzzword that gets thrown around way too much in the hobby. Lots of stuff brings a certain level of stress but is necessary at times. You won’t kill them with a soak to help with shed. Whichever you prefer I’d say. You can up humidity, do a 15 minute soak, either should do the trick.


Thanks. Love this board. Everyone is great and the knowledge given to me from you all invaluable.


Here is a small write up i did awile back. How to Treat Stuck Shed


UPDATE: I soaked him tonight for about 30 minutes per advice you all provided. Stuck shed came off just fine. I also bought a big bag of shredded coconut husk and a spray bottle. I’m going to mist him daily. Here he is a few minutes ago after removing stuck shed. Probably pissed at me.

Careful, you don’t want it to be too humid and wet in their enclosure. I keep the humidity on the low end of around 60-70% until they are in shed. You don’t want them sitting on wet substrate because they will get scale rot.


@masterofpythons nice! I’m sure he’s gonna feel a lot better and this will probably help him settle in as well.

Try out that sphagnum moss + mesh trick from my other thread, I promise that coupled with maybe one or two mists a week during sheds will alleviate this issue. Congrats on getting him back to normal though!

*edit: I realize I responded to the incorrect post! My bad! I think being confined to my house for the last month and 11 days is starting to take its toll…

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