Stuck shed solutions

At what point do y’all soak your snakes to help with stuck shed? One of mine is having problems shedding and I’m not sure why. Its been about a week and she still has stuck pieces even with 70%+ humidity.

This also works well, ball pythons aren’t really fans of being soaked in the tub.


as always thanks for the info!

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I soak for stuck she’d as soon as I see it. A nice soak in warm water and a follow up with a wet wash rag takes care of the issue.

Just wanted to follow up, the first 20 minutes went well but it didn’t get it all off so I put her back in her tub while I went and swapped out for fresh water and paper towels. When I went to put her back she was freaking out and doing everything she could to avoid it. (she’s almost always a defensive ball I never see her trying to run away) and she peed everywhere. I put her back in her tub so she could chill and her tail was wagging fast and she’s been doing speed laps around her tub for the past 20 minutes. Any ideas or just a freaked out snake?

It’s not exactly a pleasent experience for them, so it is understandable that she did not want to be put back in the tub. Don’t worry to much she should calm down in a bit. If there is not much left i wouldn’t worry to much about it.

How much water did you had? And did you have anything in that snake can hold on to? I have water glass usually, and after a swimming, snake coils around it. I have water about 2 cm… depends ofc about the size of a snake.

As I told you, they dont like to be soaked, so that’s a normal reaction for them lol.

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I used paper towels and had them soaked, almost no standing water

How harm did you have the water?

Mine handles well so i just hold her and get my hands wet with lukewarm water, then lightly massage the problem areas, as the stuck shed absorbs the moisture (rewet hand as necessary) the shed will begin to roll up amd off like dead skin. This should require almost no pressure to accomplish, the water should be doing 95% of the work.

I dont know if this is the right way, but it has been the easiest and least stressful for my girl since she is used to being handled and isnt bothered by the contact.

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Well, in my opinion, i believe the water was too hot, or too deep. Anything above room temperature water, can send a snake flying out to get away from the hot water. 90 degree water to them is actually SCALDING hot. Also, if it is too deep, they will also be very uncomfortable, and this actually looks like they are desperately trying to find something to slither onto for safety. So, i would check both those things, as the most likely culprit of this behavior. I personally, have spare EVERYTHING., lol. So, i take a tank, and fill bottom with room temp water. And i sit there and watch the entire time and they are curious at first, but everytime i reach in and pat them on the head or back, they calm down. The bonds i have with my snakes, however, i can rinse under any spicket, and they sit there and enjoy it. Trust, too makes a lot of difference, on your snake’s part

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