Suggestion: Scheduled messages

I’m always up to the elbow in enclosures, using both hands, wearing gloves, cleaning up, feeding… I just don’t always have the ability to be touching/checking my phone or computer through the day! I tend to be a bit of a night owl, and after all the dailies are done I finally have time to just relax and check on everything, but by then its midnight or even later!

I don’t want to blow up people’s notifications at that time of night, but I also don’t want to accidentally forget or leave something too long…

I’d love to be able to schedule a message to send, so I can just check things off my list and not have to worry about going back over everything to double check or risk forgetting!

Its a feature in Telegram, and Its ridiculously nice to be able to schedule a message! It takes a lot of pressure off in a really busy life :blush:


I like this idea. I believe it would prove useful to most people. That is a very good suggestion.


Serious question: do my late night postings ding on people’s phones? If they do due to a person’s settings preferences I’m going to go dig a hole and crawl in. I’m mortified if I am interpreting @sunbeamsnakery 's post correctly :scream::flushed:


Lol :joy:, we are talking about conversations on inquires on the market side of MM. :wink:

Also, it doesn’t send me a text notification when a seller responds. My settings are sent to that I will, but usually only delivers an email notification.


Same here. I’d much prefer text notifications, for what it’s worth. I do see the notification indicator on the MM app, which is good.


Even if it is a generic text like “ X seller messaged you back “

@eaglereptiles maybe a good idea?


:rofl::rofl::rofl: pshew!!! I have no idea how I twisted that all around in my head! Oh, the relief!


@lumpy @caryl do you guys not get notifications from the app itself? When someone messages me I get a banner notification, same way I would a text, saying “xxx sent you a message: insert message here”

I also have it set up to where I get banner notifications for emails I have marked as important within the gmail app.


Yeah, but I was just saying it’s nice to have additional options. And also that way, I can have another alert to look out for.

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