Suggestions on combos

So, I’m a little new to this especially ball pythons but I was just wondering if anyone knew some cool combos to breed my new pastel pied female to in the future. I currently do have a male pinstripe pied as well. I have a couple years yet as they are both still under one year. Currently loving pieds and I may even purchase a few more😂


I think the biggest thing to consider, is what do you like? I see you say you like pieds, but what about other morphs? Do you like dark, light, bright, pixelated, clean, more pattern/less pattern? All things to consider. Do you want it to be a longer term project? If so I’d say get some more recessives working into it, desert ghost and hypo all look good with pied.


Thank you for your input! I agree. I have a lot more research and thinking to do. I’m more specific with my leopard geckos as I’ve had them longer. Snakes on the other hand, I am all over the place. There’s so many that are visually stunning to me so I don’t have specifics in mind😂 Excluding pieds, spiders and enchis intrigue me. I do see this as being longterm. The hubs also loves reptiles and has just built me 2 racks.


I will agree with Nathan and expand on that - ball pythons are one of, if not the most produced animals in the hobby. There are lots of genes to work with but there are also A LOT of people working with those genes. It’s not really a matter of cool combos, because everyone’s opinion is subjective. If you want to breed, you need to figure out what genes and combos YOU love, and breed for yourself and your own projects first (and then be prepared to keep and care for hatchlings for a good long while, because with so many animals out there, it’s not easy to find them homes). So the best advice I can give you is do your own genetics research, spend time looking at existing combos, and figure out where your passion lies.

Another thing to keep in mind is that spider, though it’s gorgeous, is part of the neuro complex that has neurological issues/balance issues (wobble syndrome) that is inherent with the morph so it can’t be bred out. There are ethical considerations with breeding spider complex genes and in my opinion we don’t need more people contributing to breeding them. But that’s my opinion, and many folks here will disagree with me, so it’s something you have to decide for yourself.


Hello @marissaburnsworth! I have to say that I’m not a huge fan of pieds but those 2 are lovely! My favorite is the one in the first pic but both should make some really pretty babies someday! :+1::star_struck:

Best of wishes to you and your hubby with your breeding adventures! I can’t believe he built you some racks! He sounds like a keeper to me! My husband will have nothing to do with my snakes! Lol! :joy: