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Hey everyone, I’m keith and I’ve been buying ball pythons on morphmarket for about 2 years now. I don’t sell them, it’s just so cool to have these amazing animals around. So, I bought a ball python from someone on this site. He listed it as a 430 gram female Lavender Albino het piebald. I paid him $1,000.00 through PayPal friends and family. It arrived and weighed 227 grams and was a male to boot. He informed me it was a mixup in the shop and if I return he would give me full refund. I noticed the same day the snake arrived he listed another female Lavender Albino het piebald weighing in at 530 grams. I asked him about that and he said that he just decided to list her sibling? That all being said do I ship the snake back? I don’t believe this could be a simple mistake and what’s to say that he will acutely refund my $1,000.00 after I ship it back to him? Just looking for any suggestions and advice.

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That is the issue with using PayPal friends and family there’s really no protection for you. Maybe @eaglereptiles could help you. But I would recommend that you contact MorphMarket support.


Hi @stoneshank,

The thing to do, as Riley mentioned, is to send this over to us at MorphMarket Support so that we can look into the details and go over the transaction.

Try to send as much as you can, such as images of the animal on a set of scales and a picture of the animal being sexed if possible.

When it comes to refunds, unless there are unique circumstances at play, the buyer usually needs to send the animal back before a refund is issued.

Send that email over and we will dive in to it and work out the best plan of action.