Sunglow confusion

So i see sunglows all the time on here but the confusion comes in with the differences you see in the tails mainly. So ive read through the community stuff and seen where you know if the tail area has that translucent ring around the orange its an albino, but why is it i see lots of sunglows labeled as such with that same look then you see others labled without the translucent ring. Am i missing something there .

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Maybe they’ve been misidentified? Dunno.

In a standard boa there are concentrations of melanin (dark pigment) in the saddles and tail splotches. Hypomelanism strips away some of that melanin. Most obviously in the tail, saddles, and side diamonds. In an albino melanin translates through as translucent/white coloration (works similarly with ball pythons). It’s pretty easy to tell when the animal is a hypo, note the thicker tail border and reduced saddles contrast in the ablino.

Here’s some sunglow/albino comparison photos from back when I bred boas that illustrate the point: