Swing and a miss

First clutched pipped today, unfortunately the male that was sold as an asphalt was a yellowbelly.

6 healthy yellow belly and 2 ivory.

so upside healthy babies, downside freeway project just drove off a cliff. lol

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Dang that stinks. Are you going to hold any of them back you think?

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Possibly one of the ivories if it’s female, but otherwise doesn’t really fit any of my planned projects unfortunately.

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oh dang that really sucks. So the pairing was a “asphalt” x yb. I am curious as to how the breeder identified it as “asphalt” vs yellowbelly with enough certainty to sell it as asphalt. Did they say it was 100% asphalt? i always wonder on things like this, unless it came from a super asphalt there would be no way to know 100%. I have heard some people say they are able to tell but i don’t see how. Have you spoken the person who sold it to you?

Well at least it was the male and not the female. You can raise up or buy a male for next season at least and you don’t have to wait to raise up a female. Still sucks though.

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Unfortunately, he passed away on Christmas so no. He was supposed to get the records from the breeder for the pairing.

You are right as far as telling them apart, although this guy has a ridiculous belly pattern I’ve never seen on any YB complex.



Yeah, that was one of my first thoughts along with it’s one of the pitfalls of breeding. Fortunately not one of the heartbreaking ones.

The hardest part is he has the best personality of any of my males and definitely the most enthusiastic, not a garden hose in the neighborhood is safe around this guy. So now the business choice of finding someone that can use him.

Don’t get me wrong I know this is all par for the course, and far from the worst of what can happen. For whatever, it’s worth I thought it was worth posting some of my experiences from my first year breeding.

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Rather than starting a new thread thought I’d just update here. 4 of the 8 ate already out of the egg.

Only one straggler left in the egg. If that is what good eggs smell like really not looking forward to the eventual bad egg…

You have confirmed the baby inside is alive?

yes it is, I expect him to come out today. When I got up this morning the other 3 were dog piled on top of him, err or her. I checked after pulling the others out no umbilical cord wrapped and was responsive to touch. Actually has its head popping out now.

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