Switching from FT to live rats

The last two ball pythons I bought have not eaten since I brought them home. So I ask the my friend what she fed them and said FT. I said oh I guess that is why they look at me like what the heck is that!!
So I tried pre killed, still didn’t work.


How long have you had them? It might just be that they need some time to acclimate to your setup. Also check if your setup has proper conditions, usually what is easiest to fix lol.


Is there a reason why you’d want to switch them from ft to live feeding? I don’t think I’ve seen anyone asking for advice on this previously.


Probably stressed still. Especially if not used to live.

I agree with @caryl
Is there a reason? Live feedings can lead to rodent bites and that can lead to infections, abscesses, or worse.

Also, it may help to see the setups for them.
Or at the very least ask how they had been housed previously and try to match it as close as possible until they eat for you. Also try not to handle them at all until they have eaten 2-3 meals to reduce more stress.


I agree with @caryl and @armiyana about switching from ft to live? Or do you raise your own rodents so that’s why you want to feed live?

And are the snakes adults or sub adults? If either and they have been converted to ft when they were very young it might be difficult to convert them back to live.

You didn’t provide much information so these are just guesses on my part……


As someone raising my own…Getting a simple tank for CO2 and building a euth chamber for them is pretty easy. Also helps when you wanna freeze off the extra for later.


Yes I definitely agree this would be the best method of humanely euthanizing the rodents to feed ft because I don’t advocate live feeding.


Agree with all that it is more then likely a stressed/husbandry issue. More info would help with that. I just wanted to add that if you do feed live always hold the rat with hemostats or tongs until the snake grabs and wraps at least. For safety of the python!


@wmb1965 more information will be needed to really answer your question.
How long have you had them?
How old are they?
How often are you trying to feed?
How often do you handle them?
What kind of setup are they in?
Temps and humidity setting?
Are they houseed together?
When was the last time they did eat?