Switching to frozen

I had no idea how to search for a thread similar to this so apologies if this has been covered before.

Long story short I brought a snake who only ate mice which wasn’t a problem as very easy to get hold of here in UK. Turns out that she is a live mice feeder … much to my annoyance.

I have had her around a month now so not getting too worried but rather than start to worry later down the line I would like to know some handy tips before it gets to that point.

Now 2 days after I got her home it was feeding night so I popped a multi in with her and left it as she hadn’t been tried on multis before, within 5 minutes she had coiled round and ate straight away.

Since then not one bit of interest when a prey item is offered, tonight is the 3rd attempt as I feed my snakes roughly every 10 days. Rats, multi and now tonight a mouse. When the smell of prey is in the air she is always out of her hide looking around but is not interested as soon as prey item is offered or left in for an hour or 2.

Tonight she had the most likely response so far … she was locked on and following the prey item round, body tensed as if she was about to strike but nothing.

As feeding live is illegal in UK (unless as a last resort) and I don’t really have access to live feeders who has any suggestions and tips on how to get her switched over to frozen thawed.

She is roughly 2-2.5 years old and weighs 900g.

As I said not too worried at the minute, but would rather know some handy tips and tricks I can slowly try. I’m not going to offer her anything for the next 2 feeding nights anyway as its clear its not the prey item type as tried all 3 now…

Cheers in advance


Here’s a link you can read through and hopefully find some tips:
Switching snakes from live

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Hi. I am in the uk too and know what its like.
Give it time, be patient, there is no rush as long as the animal is healthy. Also try mice, chicks or gerbils then back to multies. Remember to heat them up so the heat pits can see it. Try both hair dryer and hot water,
If all else fails you you cant let the snake starve to death and can try freshly humanly killed if that does not work then you can legally use live. Just use small ones that cant harm or intimidate your snake. Just my opinion.

Also could be the 1000g wall which is quite common. A sort of early breading practice maturity. look it up.

as @erie-herps has suggested check the other thread there are other tips there.


If the snake won’t eat f/t or f/k it is perfectly legal to feed it live on a normal schedule since by law it is in the best interest and health of the snake. You don’t need to have it on death’s door first.


Have you tried to use a blow dryer to heat up the head after you thaw it? That works for all my snakes.

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That is bananas, and flatly stupid. I’m sorry you have to put up with that nonsense regulation. We have lots of bad laws here, too, but thankfully not that one. How in the heck does one determine “last resort” with any specificity? That’s total quackery.

I’d let your snake get real hungry, don’t bother her with any food for a while. Healthy snakes, especially, it seems, P regius, can run for a long while without feeding. Don’t even try to feed for at least another a month, that’s my honest advice.

I’ve personally seen ball pythons go 10 months without feeding, then resume like nothing happened. In my home, it happened to me. Very few, if any, snakes in the wild are lucky enough to eat on a weekly basis.

The law essentially says that if a snake will only take live you can feed it live. If it’s in the best interest of the snake and the snakes health you can do it.

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Thanks for the clarification, it didn’t sound sane the way it was put. I know they have Duty of Care laws for animals in the UK, so I was a bit confused, thanks again @erie-herps

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I meant that as a sort of sarcastic comment, erie-herps is right to clarify (Must think about the words I use so they are not misinterpreted )
However, the ‘unnecessary suffering’ clause in the legislation would expect you to switch (edit:From live to F/T) if and when you can.
Many Big Uk breeders have to start hatchlings on live to get them feeding and then switch to f/t.
They admit it on youtube, are reported by misguided activists and are not prosecuted. Check out the videos.
And to be honest, the legislation is rarely enforced anyway. Its designed for the animal abusers.
You would have to be feeding live for no good reason or a bad reason like the spectical (unnecessary clause), or abusing either animal to get prosecuted.

Do you mean switch to f/t?

I don’t think it would be a problem to start off hatchlings on live. If they eat better and have a better quality of life as hatchlings then it would be allowed.

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Yes - let me edit. Sigh. .

Thanks for clarifying for me again, yes that’s what I meant.
Best interests is a wide term that would cover that in my opinion

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