Taming a leo

I had taken in a leopard gecko as a rescue and I want to tame it down, ive left it alone for about 3 weeks.

What is it doing that make you feel it needs tame down ? also what is your husbandry tank , or tub ? hide’s how many temps ect ? Im a ball python guy but these are common question people will want to know when trying to give you and answer. Just my 2 cents and trying to help you get the advice and answers you need.

I’d recommend starting by being around the enclosure so it can observe you and hopefully realise that you aren’t a threat (if the enclosure isn’t clear then you can just skip to the next step). Then you can start putting you hand in there and dropping the food in so hopefully it realises that you’re a source of food rather than a threat. Once it’s not scared of your hand anymore then you should be able to put your hand in the tank and let the leo check it out and hopefully start crawling up your arm and from there you can do designated handling sessions. Taming will be much quicker if it’s not stressed which can be prevented by making sure like @chitown54 said proper hides, temps, enclosure, etc.

its in a tub, and it has a heat pad on the warm side

If it’s a heat pad It could be too big, the heating element should take up about 1/3 of the floor space.

yes i am aware of that

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Leo’s tame down rather easily. Consistent handling for short periods of time. Never grab or hold them by their tail. If they fuss I hold them just as I do with snakes until they start to calm themselves. If it is super hyper and easily stressed you may need to do it in smaller doses. Slow movements. Especially when you go to pick it up.

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