TANGO gene finally explained READY TO BE ADDED [DONE]

You’re not sure if it’s recessive, incomplete dominant, dominant or otherwise, right?

This occurs with yellowbelly as well.

It is IncDom. It has to be if it is allelic to YB

I do believe I said it’s a incdom but not sure weather it has a super right now

Used to be called dominant when I started

I can guarantee there will be a superform


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Awesome work. I don’t even like champagne but these are gorgeous!

If it’s got an ALS with YB, it’s highly likely to have an interesting super form all of its own. I’m wondering if it will look identical to the ice way, or if it will be a bit different.

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Exactly, super form would have to be possible. I imagine the super would likely be a form of white snake as well if it produced an all white when paired to the ivory.


Most likely outcome is a phenotype that is nearly identical to the Iceway he already produced

Ringer? I’m not understanding, drawing a blank. I know what it is just can’t quite remember exactly? :joy:

When the white comes high up the sides and sometimes over the dorsal. The one that was referenced is a very high-expression ringer and there’re a lot.


Thanks, sorry! I remember lol! Didn’t get coffee today and have been working all day, tired. :joy: