Tegu traits - Category upgrade! [DONE] [1566]

In preparation to promote Tegus to a top level category, we need to build a trait list for the genes and combos.

For each of these, we need to know what kind of gene it is (recessive/incdom/dom) OR what combination of genes represent it.

Please add anything that is missing or correct me where I am wrong.

If you know anyone that works with Tegus, send them a link to this thread and ask them to help out.



Morphs/Trait Tags:

Albino (Blue) - recessive
Albino (Red) - recessive
Anery - recessive
Melanistic - Dominant
Firebelly - Linebred

Black and white - Lineage
Blue - Lineage of Black and White
Red - Lineage
Pastel - Lineage of Red
Hypo - Lineage of Red
Albino (Ice) - Line of Albino Hybrid (Blue)
Albino (Ruby Red) - Line of Albino Hybrid (Blue)
Albino (Amethyst) - Line of Albino Hybrid (Blue)
Albino (Lavender) - Line of Albino Hybrid (Blue)


Snow (Blue) - Albino (Blue) Anery
Snow (Red) - Albino (Red) Anery

Original Draft

“Callopistes ““dwarf tegus”””

False monitor - Callopistes flavipunctatus
Spotted false monitor - Callopistes maculatus

“Crocodilurus ““crocodile tegus”””

“Dicrodon ““desert tegus”””

Peru desert tegu - Dicrodon guttulatum
Ecuador desert tegu - Dicrodon heterolepis
Holmberg’s desert tegu - Dicrodon holmbergi

"Dracaena ““caiman lizards”” also known as ““caiman tegus”” "

Dracaena paraguayensis
Dracaena guianensis

"Euspondylus ““sun tegus”” "

sharp-snouted sun tegu - Euspondylus acutirostris
Günther’s sun tegu - Euspondylus guentheri
spotted sun tegu - Euspondylus maculatus
Simons’ sun tegu - Euspondylus simonsii
Euspondylus caideni
Euspondylus auyanensis
Euspondylus excelsum
Euspondylus monsfumus
Euspondylus nellycarrillae
Euspondylus paxcorpus

“Proctoporus ““Boulenger’s sun tegus”””

Proctoporus bolivianus - Bolivian lightbulb lizard
Proctoporus iridescens
Proctoporus guentheri - Günther’s lightbulb lizard
Proctoporus chasqui
Proctoporus cephalolineatus
Proctoporus machupicchu - Machu Picchu Andean lizard
Proctoporus lacertus
Proctoporus laudahnae
Proctoporus kiziriani
Proctoporus unsaacae
Proctoporus sucullucu
Proctoporus pachyurus - Tschudi’s lightbulb lizard
Proctoporus rahmi - Rahm’s sun tegu
Proctoporus spinalis - Boulenger’s sun tegu
Proctoporus xestus - river teiid
Proctoporus carabaya
Proctoporus oreades


Salvator duseni
Salvator merianae - Argentine Black and white tegu, blue tegu, chacoan giant tegu
Salvator rufescens - Red tegu


Teius oculatus
Teius suquiensis
Teius teyou - four-toed tegu


Tupinambis cryptus - cryptic golden tegu
Tupinambis cuzcoensis - Cusco tegu
Tupinambis longilineus
Tupinambis matipu
Tupinambis palustris
Tupinambis quadrilineatus
Tupinambis teguixin - gold tegu
Tupinambis zuliensis - Maracaibo Basin tegu

Tupinambis Morphs:
anery rec
albino rec
Blue Ice Albino rec


@garciademueller @jessesjungle any help with this would be appreciated

@t_h_wyman any tegu experts in your phonebook?

I asked a couple guys I know. One is tracking down a taxonomy paper for me. The other tends to be a busy guy so he might take some time to circle back around.

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truly appreciated

Melanistic Tupinambis sp. and melanistic blue tegus excist. I have them in my facility. But you will not find them often for sale…


What about the FIREBELLY tegu?




Both of these are Dominant traits right?

And what i can quickly make of this, it is a linebred trait?

as of 1/10/2023 there are 2 strains of albinos in tegus currently. The blue albinos are the first strain and they have been bred into reds/bws to create hybrid albinos that carry the blue albino strain. These hybrid albinos have many names blue ice ,ice, ruby red, amethyst , purple and many more names that are essentially a breeder/brand name for a hybrid albino line. The 2nd albino strain is the pure red albinos which came to the market for the first time in 2019 and is still quite rare. We also have snows(albino anery) in tegus. currently you can find snow hybrids with the blue albino line and this year the worlds first pure red snows were produced.

blues are what many consider a locale of bws. They tend to stay smaller , lighter in color and many can get a blue green glow. in the past we have used the burnt nose and tear drop markings to identify pure blue tegus however we have learned that it also appears in hybrids , bws and reds.

There is also a red line several breeders have worked with that has been labeled both Pastel and hypo. It seems to exhibit both traits in some animals and others seem to only have one. Certain animals will have much more yellow especially when this line is paired to itself and other animals look hypo compared to siblings. showing clear claws from birth into adult hood as well as clear sheds.
I apologize for the delay.

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all of this is correct except if we are going to add all the hybrid names to albinos it will be confusing as they are just different hybrid lines the albinos/hets are compatible. id say either we need just the blue albino t+ and the red albinos or if we are listing hybrid albino names we will have to list every single hybrid line and add new line names when somebody makes up a name for their hybrid line that is not on here. I personally would prefer to just have the 2 albino morphs listed.
for as long as time will go we will see new hybrid names made up for different lines. below are just some we see.
Fire ice, blue ice, sky panther , pink panther, all american, blue american, titanium, ruby red, amethysts, purple , red panther, super pinks, ice, lemon ice and all other flavors, bruisers and much more are just hybrid lines all of which have shown albinos that are compatible with each other. Also many have reused labels so they are not indicative of a specific line always. at least half a dozen breeders have created our own Pink panther lines. In many cases due to them being hybrids and tegus laying large clutches you will get a variety of appearances some looking like other lines. Some of us have refined our hybrid lines for specific appearances in addition to the morphs but those are still hybrid tegus that can throw a large variety when paired to other lines.

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