Tell me your reptiles Zodiac sign

So I thought it would be fun to say your reptiles zodiac sign if you know it or what you think it would be based on their personality! you can also share your zodiac sign if you want to.

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I don’t really know zodiac signs. My blood python hatched on July 15th if I remember correctly. That’s a month before my birthday (almost to the day, mine’s August 14th) and I know I’m a Leo, so…would she also be a Leo, or would she be something else? I’m never sure where the date line between the signs is.

I have no idea when my sand boa was born, since she was a re-home I got as an adult. :person_shrugging: But if there’s a sign for being shy and introverted, that would be the one that fits her.

The blood python would be a cancer, and the Boa might be a Scorpio?

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I have too many reptiles to say them all individually unless y’all want a stupidly long list then I’ll go work them all out :joy:


You don’t have to say all of them!:rofl::sweat_smile::joy: maybe just a couple of them?