Thank you from Northbound Morphs

First, I’d like to say thank you for the invite, John!

Hello, my name is Carissa Anderson, owner of Northbound Morphs. I am located in Minnesota, north of the Twin Cities. My main focus is leopard geckos. This season I’ll have Diablo Blancos, tangerines, Trempers, Black Night Crosses, W&Y, Mack Snow, Murphy Patternless to name some that will be soon available on my MM page. I also have crested geckos that will be available once they’ve hatched. I have plans for ball python and bearded dragon breeding in the future.

I hope I’ll find within this community wonderful friendships and learn from fellow breeders alike, and discover new things within the animals I work with and also ones that I don’t.


Hi Carissa, sounds like you are going to have quite a nice variety. Glad to have you join us!

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