The Birthday Boy

Shea’s first Bday
T. s. chimaerea


Happy birthday you beautiful dinosaur! :heart:


Happy birthday!! You are herp of the day…


I love blue tongues. She is a beautiful baby :heart:

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He :wink: I wanted a female for him for future…I managed to sort one yesterday but she comes with 2 others lol so I will end up with 3:3 and all proven except Shea. These are to be the last group of reptiles I get for a while now.
Long story short…lost my father in law to suicide nearly 6 years ago…My wife as a manager at a large supermarket chain. Apparently a month is all you need to get over this!!! So in the end she got sacked :frowning: even though they cocked up a phased return to work. We had a good case against them via tribunal but in the end couldn’t afford it. My wise is the eldest of her siblings and was 24 at the time he died. Not that age matters in these circumstances but her Dad was just 50 :frowning: So we lost our main income…we still had a car to pay for monthly and rent…I was running my shop but as a different business as my parents had retired…some weeks we barely made the rent on the shop…I stayed put as I thought I was doing the best thing by my mental health…Friends, family all helped out. We got hand outs from the food bank and food parcels from kind people I’d never met on FB!!! My wife was doing pet portrait commissions and we sold anything we could from electrical goods to sentimental jewellery and ornaments, even out engagement rings. I sadly got poorly. People were kind and gave me booze daily…Yes I drank it and pancreatitis built up. I was in so much pain but worried about the parking charges at hospital. I didn’t go until I collapsed. I was in for 10 days on 4 types of IV antibiotics. In my wisdom I had set up an animal fund which had thousands in for the animals. This is how everyone was fed and equipment like UV replacements come out of. Sadly we did have to part with some animals just to help. All my wifes high end boas. We have just 2 pet Boas now. A hogg island and a Kahl albino. I sold 4 of my beloved fijis, high end leos and some obscure species. Anyone that was a non breeder, or simply worth not a lot financially but priceless to us stayed. So we went from both being hard workers and fine for money to WAAAAYYY below the poverty line father quickly. I promised us that when we could, we would get back the collection we wanted for us. This is why we have spent the last 2 years gaining a collection back. I am now home 24/7 after going loop y de loop and being sectioned. I am a heavily medicated zoo manager!!! So yes there are a few things to come chams, more igs, a few more snakes…the skinks are the last large purchase though. So it’s sad but kinda ending the collecting of the collection with a BOOM!!! N.B We paid back every penny we ever borrowed. Never once dipped into the animal savings for us…even when it was the choice between buying a loaf of bread or some toilet roll as we had managed to get £1. So yea…skinks will be AMAZING