The Craziest Visual Paint Combo Yet

HI guys this little beauty just crawled out of the egg yesterday and has really made me very excited to see what else the paint gene can bring to the table. Calico Yellow belly Visual Paint (super paint)


Being fortunate enough to see it this weekend I can say the picture does not even do it justice, and I cannot wait to see this animal after it sheds.


I dont understand why paint is considered an incomplete dominate…if the super form is the visual expression of the gene, isn’t that a recessive

That aside absolutley beautiful snake. I have a mocha female produced by you. I can say, with out hesitation, you guys produce quality.


Thank you so much!! i complete agree it should be listed as a recessive.


If you think It should go back to being recessive, So should monsoon and all of the other super granites, like mega, sentinel etc.
awesome combo you got

sentinel is listed as recessive. It was changed a few years ago

@wreckroomsnakes Mary it also looks like there is a little classic jungle in that one as well. Very cool baby for sure!

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Gorgeous! So much going on there.

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super great looking combo


Here it is just freshly shed out. Love this thing!!


@speakeasy_serpents there have been several requests to WOBP to list it as a recessive. They’re just slow on the uptake.