The new girl on the scene

Say hello to (Princess) Azula! Snake Discovery posted her as one of their “Overstock Rescues” and I knew she was meant to come home with me. While she didn’t eat at their facility, after settling into her new home, she immediately took a meal. Absolutely gorgeous Anery (Tessera?) girl.


I saw them post her and I was super drawn to her! But I live too far away! She is gorgeous (and yes to the tessera question) and I’m so glad you picked her up so we can still see pictures of her occasionally.


One of the perks/downfalls of living nearby is how easy it is to run there. They also have a rewards program, so goodbye money! :joy: I think I saw the post about an hour after it went up and made the decision right then that I was going to show up at opening the next morning for her. They only had her listed as Anery (as I’m sure you saw), but I was 99.99% sure on the Tessera bit, just needed someone to affirm that .01. She’s got such a sweet disposition, too. Totally handleable, curious, and easygoing.

She’s not actually my first adoption from their program, I also have a pair of common garters and a pair of checkered garters I picked up about a year ago. That’s the danger in it all, I have space and they have animals…And I can’t resist these darlings! I will definitely post more of her, she’s a charmer.


Nice pickup!! Looking forward to seeing more of her. It’s probably good I don’t live too close to the Snake Discovery program. Lol


I feel like a lot of folks share that sentiment, haha. Azula makes five I’ve gotten from their program. I should get some photos of the garters, once they are a little less wily.

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