The reptile stereotypes are just crazy

It’s crazy some of the reptile stereotypes out there! People be thinking that snakes like ball pythons can kill you?! Seriously? I know there are people out there who deeply fear snakes and other reptiles but if you be thinking that reptiles like ball pythons Can really hurt you that bad then you must’ve had a crazy experience. Some people may not agree with me but that’s my personal opinion. Another one of my personal opinions is that snakes and other reptiles are adorable and if you’re reading this then you probably think that too! (i’m not talking about venomous reptiles they can actually hurt you/kill you but like pythons?)


Welcome to the community! This discussion has popped up before and I think that the consensus about people being afraid of certain or all reptiles is because it’s the lack of knowledge/understanding about them rather than a bad experience. But I understand where you are coming from. When I tell people I have snakes some of them act like I should be avoided because they think I’m crazy. Lol!:joy::upside_down_face::frog::lizard::snake::blush:


Well, I think that venomous reptiles are cute. I just appreciate them from a distance… Sometimes. :crazy_face:

But fr, no kidding! What’s crazy to me is in my experience it’s more than just normal keepers! I have a friend (in her 60’s) who used to BREED. She had HUNDREDS of snakes of various kinds. Including a Rock Python!! And whenever i show her pictures of my boas she warns me how wild and deceptive they are. She tells me that whatever i do- if i find it stretching out beside me while I’m laying down or something- i should get rid of it immediately because it’s trying to size me up to eat me.
Which is 100% true.


It makes me wonder if that kind of belief was held by, or had permeated the community in it’s earlier days… like, if that was just something that older keepers believed back then…
That, or my friend wasn’t as legit back in the day as she makes herself out to be, YKWIS?? :eyes: :grimacing:

I just have a hard time believing that anyone who actually bought into that would choose to keep snakes in their home… Unless they were the cookie cutter stereotype keeper that ‘imprisons dangerous wild animals’ because of some strange sadistic curiosity…

Like, seriously? Where did that story even come from? Where does any of those beliefs originate? I would be really interested in learning the cultural origins of all of these ‘voodoo reptile stereotypes’…


Yeah! I am pretty new to MorphMarket and reptiles in general so thanks for the welcome! Funny story actually I myself wasn’t too fond of reptiles until literally overnight I woke up and decided I liked reptiles and wanted one! And then when I mentioned that to my dad he said I could get one for my birthday, and I decided I wanted a ball python and ever since I haven’t understood how I was scared of these animals and how other people are scared of them. But my grandparents think I’m crazy! Hahaha! When I told my grandpa I think snakes are cute he thought I was joking and said those are words he never thought he would hear in the same sentence.


PS. I still haven’t gotten my ball python yet but I will in may! Super excited!:smiley: (I am getting a banana piebald high White!)


Good luck, @ilana_the_reptile_girl ! Sounds like a lively combination.


Thank you so much!


Also I have a question… what do you do for ball pythons humidity? Can you just mist the tank or what? (I wasn’t sure if I should create new a topic for this or post it here )


First please keep in mind that having humidity around 50-60 is OK, 60 would be a little better.
Misting is one thing to do. Placing another water source over the heat source (hot side) is another. Using coconut chips will retain moisture better then paper towels. But they both have their plus side.

You will need to fist get a setup completed and monitor what the humidity and the temperature is. You might find that not much is needed to be done. I would get this setup a month before putting your snake in it.


Ok thanks :blush:


Yeah, I don’t know where the “lying beside you = sizing you up to eat you” myth came from, but I see/hear it everywhere. Even exercising a tiny bit of common sense should tell you that it’s utter BS. Do people think this happens in the wild? That snakes are like, “Okay little rabbit, you just sit still right there while I, an obvious predator, sidle up here next to you so I can compare our relative body sizes and figure out if you’re the right size to be my dinner.” That is not a thing that happens. Not in the wild and not in captivity. When you feed a captive snake, does it lie beside the prey for a while? No, of course not. It strikes it and eats it (or refuses to have anything to do with it, if it’s a ball python :joy:).

I always sort of assumed that such a stupid myth was only perpetuated by people who had never spent much time around snakes, so it’s really bizarre that you know someone who used to breed snakes and seems to believe that nonsense. It seriously perplexes me that anyone who has cared for and observed snakes could buy into such an obviously ridiculous urban legend. :person_facepalming: