The Striker gene [DONE]

I’m assuming the second picture is the super form? Is the first picture a combo or a single gene. Super interesting.


Sorry I tried to name them but did not succeed.
First is a Super Striker YB and second a Black Pastel Striker YB.
If you put your curser on the photo the caption with name pop up.

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Do you have picture of a single gene?


I would like to see pictures of the single gene and super form with no additional genes if you have any?


I’m guessing the link to @akmorphs Instagram is the single gene…?

Can you tell us the history of the Striker?
Did the original come from a wild caught animal or captive hatched?

What pairing have been done so far?

Reel free to drop all the pictures you can

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Single gene Striker male.


I really like this! It definitely appears to be a viable gene imo.


We still need just the super without other genes in it.


The one I posted on my instagram is a single gene male.
The super in the second picture is a super striker yellowbelly.

The Striker gene was proven genetic at BPM reptiles in 2016.
They’ve managed to produce 3 supers in 2019.

BPM is not highly active on social media (to my knowledge except for their fb page) so it’s very hard to know exactly what they’ve been working it into, and the only real way I’ve communicated with them is through WhatsApp. They only import to Bushveld Reptiles as a distributor for their animals, and I’ve personally bought the Striker, Nyala, and Furrow gene from them. When talking to Rassie from BPM I did ask him if he knew if Striker was allelic to anything so far, and he respond that not that they know of. They plan on making several clown combos, ultramel, pied, DG and candy clutches in the upcoming seasons. I personally will be going for a Striker VPI in 2023, and the super form in 2024.

Here are some pictures of different striker combos:

Striker YB

Striker YB BP

Striker YB Fire

Striker Enchi Fire YB

Striker something something

Super Striker YB

Striker YB Clown

Striker Pastel YB 66% het clown


This is a Enchi Fire Striker YB we produced


Still no super striker with no other genes shown yet.


@ashleyraeanne. Unfortunately we didn’t produced a Super without Yellow Belly.


Even without a picture of the super form with no additional genes I’ve seen enough for me to consider it viable independent gene.


Will this gene be added to the MM traits on the store side?


We were going too until your comment Anna :crazy_face:

Really though, yep! We will have a batch of new traits added in the very near future :blush:


It has come to my attention that BPM has incomplete data for the Striker gene and is unsure to label it as a incomplete dominate or a recessive. Apparently they can’t make up their minds on the gene, and since “everyone” whose in the Zebra project calls striker Zebra I can see now why they are hesitant to continue with this gene being a inc-dom; industry pressure at it’s finest.

Moving forward I will not be participating with genes related with or from BPM or providing additional information on behalf of them. I do not believe it’s a recessive, and am one of the few actually working with the Striker gene that does not see the Super Striker as Zebra - but to each their own.


Do you know if anyone has taken the initiative of breeding Striker to Zebra?


No. Those who have both have no intention of breeding them to see if they are separate on the off chance that they are incorrect with their assumption about Striker being Zebra. Eventually, I will probably be the one to do the pairing.


Hey guys. Just been following this chat. I am working hard on the Striker project in South Africa and thought I would share my 2cents worth.

Firstly I solidly believe that Striker is a co-dom. And from what I have seen of Zebra I believe the same for Zebra. Every single ‘het’ Zebra ballpython I have seen, I feel that the Zebra gene is evident really strongly. But enough of that, I dont think Zebra and Striker is the same although they do look alot alike. Zebra cleans the belly almost completely and whitenes the belly whereas Striker really gives a crazy belly. Also I feel with Striker the blushing is more prominent and the blacks in the snake is darker and stays dark. Personally I would not use a striker female at this time in the project and breed it to Zebra simply because there isnt alot of females going around and there is so much to do with the gene!

None the less the power of striker lies in the supers and yes there are still alot of questions that needs to be answered around the gene, but thats part of the fun isnt it?

I hope to make some supers this year with my two awesome Striker females. If anyone wants to see them or see what we have done with the project, reach out to me on Instagram @roarke_reptiles I love this gene and would love to share!!



Enchi looks nothing like BlkPastel

Spider looks nothing like Blackhead looks nothing like Champagne looks nothing like Cypress

Phantom looks nothing like Bamboo

Just because things have a minor difference (or not so minor, as some of my above illustrate) in appearance from one another does not, by default, mean they are not alleles of the same gene

Given the remarkably similar appearance between Striker and Zebra, I do not think it is an unreasonable question to ask