Thinking about the possibilities

I have a history owning snakes but never have bred. I bought a baby mojave male and want to get a female. I know it will take a while before they are ready but I’m reaching out to think what is the best color of female and what the cross will make. More importantly I want to have another pet first and foremost. It is about the wellbeing…

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Welcome to the forum. Mojave is a great base morph that goes with just about anything. I guess it depends on what you are interested in. It’s part of the Leucistic complex if you like white snakes, it goes great with pastel and my personal favorite is Mojave x mystic = mystic potion. The possibility are seemingly unlimited. Good luck to you.

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That all sounds amazing. Thank you so much. You gave me even more to think about before I make a decision. Thank you.

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The possibility are endless here are some Mojave combos

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This is a awesome site. Thank you for sending me the link.

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GHI x Mojave - there is no mistake.


Get yourself a Special Mystic. Can hit Crystals and Mystic Potions!

Think about what you really like to see in ball python combos.

Do you like dark colors with bright markings that pop? Then GHI might be a good pick, the GHI mojos are smoking.

Like all white snakes? Aim for blue-eyed leucistics by pairing with another mojave, a butter/lesser, or another BEL allele morph. Check out the alleles thread for a full list.

Either go with a special mystic, ghi, or mojave pied or het pied. You could make a all white pied eventually if you wanted if you got the Mojave pied or the mojave het pied.