Thoughts on Polydactyl geckos

Recently found out that crested geckos can be Polydactyl, one of my hatchlings this season has two extra toes on their back feet. They’re doing awesome, I honestly thought it was shed until I felt them and was like, oh definitely not.

But I wanted to get some more opinions on Polydactyl. I personally think it’s cute, oh for more information both Sire and Dam are not related.


Foundation genetics has a chapter on this! It doesn’t affect their quality of life, but people are undecided on whether they’re ethical to breed. There are several different reasons why it could be happening, one being fluctuations in temperature during incubation another being shallowing of the gene pool, among others.
Personally, im against breeding a gecko that has any kind of deformity as you don’t know what’s going on internally in the gecko, and whether it’s potentially something they can pass on to their offspring.
I don’t really find it cute personally :sweat_smile:
If i had a pairing that consistently produced geckos with deformities i would retire them as well. :blush:

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For me an extra toe isn’t a deformity. To me a deformity is something that effects their quality of life. Again just my opinion!

I have a polydactyl gecko (extra toe). I haven’t bred him yet, but that’s just because I’ve been working on other projects. If I was to breed him and was high ratio of polydactyl offspring then I would stop breeding him. This is purely because some people do not like it therefore making harder to sell.

I would inform people if I was selling a polydactyl gecko, however this wouldn’t stop me buying a polydactyl gecko.


I would like to add I do not find it cute because Toes is “special” I find it cute because it doesn’t seem to effect his way of life at all, especially with the possibility of him loosing both in the next couple of sheds.

Personally, I’m bringing it up in a topic forum because I’m going to be attending college in the next couple of years for Genealogy; I’m most definitely going to start taking notes with each of my hatchlings. Polydactyl, from what I’ve seen so far, has a large number of people who don’t mind them but just a large number of people dislike Polydactyl. I only see an issue with Polydactyl geckos if passed on to their offspring, Dam is my orange female purchased from a breeder at my local expo. Sire is a Yellow base harlequin out of gecko world Austin. Out of all 6 eggs she’s given me Toes is the only one who came out Polydactyl I’ll keep watch for more though! I appreciate everyone’s opinion!!


In my experience, being polydactyl is rarely a problem. Exception being when it makes it difficult to trim claws in species where that is applicable. To be clear, I’ve not even kept crested geckos (yet… :wink: ). But in certain breeds of various species, being polydactyl is considered desirable/cute. Examples that come to mind are double dew claws in Grand Pyrenees dogs the and the ‘Hemingway cats,’ often Maine Coons. In the species/breeds I worked with (note- mammals), polydactyly wasn’t strongly associated with other congenital issues.

If you know its parents are unrelated, and you would only choose an unrelated mate, and you’ve seen no indication of any medical problems- I think you’re likely to be ok with breeding. But I am not an expert, just giving my 2¢.

Also- welcome to the forum! I’m Marla. :blush: If you haven’t already, feel free to make a post about yourself and your animals in the ‘Introductions section.’ Play it by ear regarding whether or not to make it blasphemous. :joy: No maligning leopard geckos! :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::blush: :wink:

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edit: forgot to mention that extra toes may or may not actually have any bones in them. Usually not a problem in dogs/cats


I’m sure it won’t be long :wink:


This is kind of where my mind went. My boyfriend has a Polydactyl cat and from my many awesome interactions with George i have no doubt in my mind that he most likely doesn’t mind his extra toe beans! :smiley_cat:

Also Hello! Nice to make your acquaintance, I have to admit I didn’t know Black Veil Brides had a song similar to my user but I’ve got to listen to it now! Opening the horizons for a larger Spotify playlist :laughing:

I’ll be sure to go over and check out the introductions section as well! Might be a bit before I post so I can proof read my stuff :rofl:


As long as you mention that one of the parents had a deformity so that people who wanna avoid it can, it think it’s fair, each to their own - id much rather steer to the side of caution since there are so many geckos out there without it, so why breed one with it? Even if they don’t pass it on to the first generation, it could be recessive and they might pass it on down the line. So unless it is a completely unique or very hard to get morph i don’t see the point; if it is, then i might consider it myself tbh :sweat_smile: But yeah we simply don’t know enough about it to say what causes it, but if there’s no known inbreeding it’s likely nothing though :blush: