Thoughts on this crestie?

Seller has him listed as an extreme harlequin pinstripe. Just curious what everyone thinks as far as structure, and if he would make a good breeder if I wanted to breed eventually.

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His not an extreme, his a harlequin pinstripe.

Head structure looks good. Does he have lineage?


Here’s a few more pics, and this is what they said the breeder provided regarding lineage. "EB3-20 is out of Echo (Produced by us out of Penelope x Cletus) x Bane (LAC Herps production).

So I’m sure I could reach out to them to get more details

What differentiates an extreme, from a regular harlequin?

Yes he’s a Harley pin, not an extreme. Extremes have more patterning.
Here’s a few here-

Head looks ok, just keep in mind too what you want to come out of this, what morphs/genes you want. As you keep listing ones you want for breeding but you need to plan ahead… what do you want to work with?


Ghoulish Cresties is correct you need to think about what you want to produce. I’d ask for pics of the lineage geckos.

Here is a pic of a high percentage pinstripe extreme(possibly tricolour) and a pinstripe extreme tricolour

Notice how the lateral (side) patterning is much higher than that of a harlequin


She is a tricolour btw :smirk:
Nightmare she gained spots with age, little bugger! X

You’re right, I’m getting too excited about getting one as a pet, and trying to keep my options open as being able to breed if I wanted to, since I’ve got ball pythons that I breed and I know how addictive it is.

I’m still learning a LOT about the cresties genetics, and really need to learn more before I figure that out. I think I want to go towards something hypo, so something lavender, or even olive patternless, maybe some Dalmatian if I went that route with the olive. But I just love so many different combos it makes it hard lol.

Thanks for the advice, and making sure to tell me to prioritize and not just buy. It’ll save me in the long run


I have bought so many Cresties, not on a whim though. Trust me. Take your time. I want so many more Cresties but I can’t buy then because of space. The more I buy the less babies I keep.

Keep to something you want to work with and make sure there is lineage.

I’m sure you’ll find the Crestie for you