Thoughts on this youngster?

Hello! I picked this boy up a while back as a normal pastel from a local reptile shop that deals in a lot of wholesale and can tell he is holding some other genes. I figured I would get some input. What do you think he may be? I’ve hatched many pastels in the past and never seen something like him yet. Let me know what you all think.



Super pastel calico yb is what it looks like to me… but proving it out by breeding is the only way to really know


Curious where you are seeing that? Would be extremely low expression. Can definitely see why yellowbelly would be a guess. The head isn’t washed out enough for me for super pastel. But the tones of the yellow and the head tell me there is a black eyed Lucy gene.For sure more than pastel In my opinion.

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Pastel leopard for sure

either that or pastel yellowbelly

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I could see why he would say calico. That’s what I thought originally was in it. There is a lot of white scales on him. Also, the ringer or destruction of pattern towards the tail. I know that breeding it out is going to be the only way to tell, but, I just figured I would get input to see what others thought. I wouldn’t be too surprised if there’s more than two genes in him.

If you take away the rest of the snake and look at this I would say pastel calico.

I’m not seeing it but calico is definitely not my expertise. But I have hatched calico. No doubt though you have way more than pastel lol.

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Yeah it’ll be fun to breed out for sure. I think I’ll breed it to all kinds of other stuff to make it more confusing…SMH!


Makes perfect sense lol

I was going based off the pattern and the elevation of white up the belly… more than I would expect from just yellowbelly. I agree it could be firefly instead of super pastel though… the head is just more blushed than I would expect for pastel.

Could be vanilla?

Sounds plausible for sure

I’m going with Firefly Yellowbelly here.

I want to say it looks like a Pastel Paint but I don’t just want to throw more names into the mix.

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I’d also say firefly.
We used to have a firefly blaze and the patterning looks identical.

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