Time for an "official" hello! (From San Jose, California)

Hi everyone! I’ve been hanging out and chatting on the MM community for a while, but slacked on doing one of these Intros.

Well, now I’ve hatched out my first two clutches this fall and picked out my holdbacks, and just got my seller profile set up this week! It’s all been super exciting!

Like many of yall I loved reptiles as a kid and was lucky enough to keep a few growing up. Ironically enough, I actually didn’t really think Ball Pythons were very cool at all. But about 4 years ago now a friend of mine convinced me to look at Ball Pythons when he was shopping for one as a pet. And wow, did I fall into the rabbit hole of morphs. A lot really changed in the Ball Python world since I was a kid and there was no such thing as anything but “normal.”

I ended up with a female hatchling Mystic Potion named Chanterelle after about 6 months of looking at all the crazy morphs and combos on Morph Market. But it doesn’t really stop with one, now does it lol.

I’ve been having a great time being part of this community here, and can’t wait to see what comes next with all of you!

Here’s a bonus silly picture of Chanterelle way back when she was a just little baby snek:


Welcome and glad you did an intro!


Welcome aboard…good to meet you.


Welcome to the community! Congrats on your first clutches!


Glad you finally made an introduction post! Welcome to the community :smiley:
That’s super exciting about your first clutch and getting your seller profile setup.

Can’t wait to see your little babies that you held back :tada:

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lovely noodle! nice to meet you :))

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