Tips for first beardie clutch

I’m planning on breeding beardies, my male (Max)

two pics of him above
Im not sure what morph he is, got him off craigslist.

and maddy
pics below

her tail and one back leg were amputated after she was “picked on” by who knows what.

both are a year old, and have met. they spend their days together on our windowsill soaking the sun. no aggression yet. its been about a month and im ready to breed them. any tips? they are my first reptiles.

If these guys are your very first it might be better to work with another breeder and learn everything you can before plunging into breeding.

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I have done lots of research and am gonna get an incubator and all that stuff. also, I don’t know any breeders. sadly

sad news. Max ran off. he was in a special pen with a lid, and when i went to check on him, he was gone and maddy was running around like a maniac.

What kind of pen did you have them in? And was this inside or outside?

we live on three acres. spent an hour or two looking for the little guy.

It may sound unpleasant, but given the fact that the other lizard was freaking out so much, do you think a predator got to them? Have you checked the enclosure for weak points where something could have gotten in?

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they had become real affectionate while they were together. maddison might have been freakin out cuz he left.

Not to be harsh but if it has been a month than you are most certainly not ready to breed. I bred my first reptile at 13 but had been keeping them since 7 so I had a good amount of experience but if I could go back in time I still would have waited on breeding for at least a few more years. I also believe that you should look more into your husbandry and how to improve it because from what I am seeing is it seems as if you could improve, also a person who is ready to breed a reptile also does not lose them this early on. Dont take this the wrong way because I am in no way trying to attack or shame you, just giving my honest opinion.


i have had the female a month. the male two years

Well I am just warning you because in the end I cannot dictate what you do with your animals but even two years is not very long and you also have to account for you females amputated feet. That could affect the breeding heavily so I wouldn’t risk it. You also need to ask yourself if you are ready to handle 20 to 30 plus bearded dragon babies until they are rehomed because they wont all sell the same day so you will definitely be housing them for awhile. My best advice for now is to just hold off for awhile at least for the time being


You shouldn’t have had the female anywhere near your other animals yet. You always give them a quarantine of at least a month before even having them in the same room. You also don’t know if the female is still even in her prime to breed or how old she is given the fact you did not get her from a trusted breeder.


I’m confused. So both are a year old but you’ve had the male for 2 years?