To buy or not to buy thats the question šŸ˜±

Hi all hope your all good? I am about to embark on breeding BPā€™s,i am waiting for my racks and have snakes on hold which are 0.1 Butter Enchi ,0.1 Fire, Calico Enchi 2yr old, 1.0 Lesser pastel Spotnose. Done the rookie mistake bought without a plan although on genetic calculators the offspring will turn out cute. So idecided to plan and got myself a young Enchi Inferno Fader i want a Enchi Pastel which will do some great things.She will be the foundation of my breeding program,have seen a couple of good males SHOULD I BUY NOW and grow him on with the others? Cheers

Buy females if they need growing up. Wait on males unless you have females nearly ready to breed.


:point_up_2: What he said.

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I always give females 12 months before thinking about a male for them, there are a few advantages in doing so, the most important one being that by getting the male later it means that either the male you want will cost less or you will be able to get more genes for the same amount of money.

Now there are exceptions for example that one of a kind male that not many people produce.

Just remember males take a lot less time to grow and are generally easier to find as well.


Thanks for your advice :+1: