Totally didn't forget to introduce myself

See I was gonna make this when I first joined, definitely didn’t forget.

I’m Teddy, I’m a comic artist/author, freelance artist, cake decorator, and exotic animal hobbiest. I’m the creator of a small comic called, Hurt [by MxTeddybear] on tapas and webtoons. Aside from all my art projects I also keep a variety of critters, about half are rescues the rest from breeders and a few are imports.
I keep things ranging from parrots, invertebrates, colubrids, boas, pythons, rearfanged species, agamas, geckos, rodents, turtles, and various amphibians and aquatics.
I’ve been keeping exotic animals since I was 7 years old, my first pet that was 100% my responsibility was a little budgie I named, Poppy. She lived with me up till just recently and passed away at the age of 16.
I have a big spot in my heart for uncommonly kept species, possibly looking in to breeding some things if I feel up to it.
Here are a random few of my critters.


Glad to get to know you better!

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say a joke I wanna laugh XDXD

What an awesome collection you’ve got there!
Thanks for introducing yourself, even if it was a bit late :joy:

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Welcome, I will have to check out your comics not familiar with the site but I have a friend, Phil Yeh who draws winged tiger comics and paints murals who can probably help me find it. Great collection of critters too!