Tracking Apps?

There’s been a couple posts in the past about this, but I recently got an email advertising a new app. Not sure where they got my email from, but it’s on here, FB, IG, etc. so I assume it was from one of those sources.

A friend of mine had recommended ExotiKeeper awhile back, but they are Android only last I checked. In some of the recent posts I was reading it seems there’s actually a lot more available for iOS now.

Basically here’s what I’m looking for and I’m hoping you all can suggest an app that might work rather than me just writing everything down on notecards like a heathen.

-Obviously needs to be iOS compatible
-I don’t mind paying for an app, but I’d prefer a 1 time payment rather than recurring
-Scannable QR codes I can attach to enclosures
-Tracking many different species (I have snakes, geckos and tarantulas)
-Ability to track breeding information
-Push notification reminders

Thanks in advance!

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