Trait question

I have a snake we bought from a pet store listed as “Super lace black back vanilla”. When I look at morphepidia it has those two traits separated as Lace and Genetic black back. Yet on the buyers site they are listed as 1 trait with lace black backs. I am attaching a picture to see if any of you could help me with this confusion.



Hey there! Absolute stunner you’ve got there. Lace Black Back is another name for Het Red Axanthic (HRA) which is in the 8-ball complex. It also goes by the names Green Pastel and Lori. As far as I can see you may have a world’s first (no Red Axanthic Vanillas have ever been posted here on MM and a quick google search doesn’t yield any promising results either). Do you happen to have access to her listing and/or pairing? I’m not an expert at IDing HRA/RA or vanilla so I’m no help there sadly.

Here’s the morphepidia link to HRA/LBB/GP/Lori:

And here’s the founder, Corey Woods’s webpage on the gene:

Best of luck with this stunning girl!