Troubling Behavior? (Drinking)

I have a year old ball python, plain Jane normal, who I keep in a large 55 gallon glass tank. To help with humidity I have a small humidifier I keep in the cool side of the tank and run in 4 to 6 hour increments during our dry summer and winter. Snake has shown no issues and has perfect sheds, eats, ect.

But this summer I’ve noticed her drinking the moisture buildup that initially builds up on the glass before it dissipates. She just drags her snoot across the glass flicking her tongue a little to get water.

She doesn’t seem to be dehydrated, still eats, still acts 100% normal with no signs of illness. In her tank is a large dog bowl big enough for her to soak in that sits in the middle of the tank between hot and cool. So she has access to water even without the humidifier.

Should I be worried? Anyone else with glass tanks notice their snakes drinking any spritz/water that might get on the side?

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It’s pretty normal behavior even in ball pythons. I’ve seen ball pythons, carpet pythons, children’s pythons, and boas do the same thing.