Tubs for C Serpent and other Questions

I ordered my 36" incubator from C Serpents and was looking to order the tubs it recommends IRIS USA 6 Quart Plastic Storage Bin. and wanted to get some feedback.
Also I had seen someone mention Govee WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer and Thought this would be great but not sure where to put it. I had seen some people put it next to the tubs, inside a tub with the eggs or even in a dummy tub. I have also read a lot about whether you need a dummy tub or not.

Sorry for all the questions just trying to make sure I have all my ducks in a role

I use the 6qt in my c serpent hotbox. They work fine. Sometimes you’ll need two tubs of you have a very large clutch but generally I can fit 7-8 eggs in a tub . I don’t use a dummy tub or a temp/humidity gauge in my incubator usually but I have had it dialed in for a while .

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I use a SensorPush (instead of a Govee, but same basic idea) inside a 475mL deli cup with a vented lid and set it in the corner of my incubator.

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I use the 6qt and the Govee and haven’t had an issue yet. Mine is on the top rack.

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Awesome thanks. Since its suppose to connect to wifi without having a separate router i may get it