Two clutches for 2022

Getting closer to the first clutch, hopefully, hatching so I thought I’d share them with you guys! Day 55 will be July 19th, but I suspect they will go around day 60-70.

Lemonblast x GHI - 5 good eggs|no slugs - laid 5/25/22 female’s second clutch (with me)

Mystic Potion x GHI - 4 good eggs|no slugs - laid, roughly, 6/18-25/22 female’s first clutch


Congratulations!! Looking forward for the Babys :yum:

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What’s your success rate with keeping the eggs directly on the vermiculite?

These are only my third and fourth clutches ever since I started breeding, the first being maternal and the second vermiculite, so I mean technically pretty good so far. For that first time I used the standard tub + vermiculite + press n’ seal and didn’t have any issues. 3 out of 4 eggs hatched (the fourth went green and pink inside on day 25. but it also never had many veins so I was expecting it).

Before getting any eggs this year, however, I tried to set up a tub ahead of time so I could just pull the eggs and go. But because I’m using a finer grain of vermiculite this time around (the only one Lowe’s had at the time), and the style of incubator I’m using (cooler w/ water and aquarium heater in the bottom), I found that if I don’t use press n’ seal - or if I’m using a ventilation hole in the tub - then the tub floods. Probably would have happened no matter how I had them set up though, since it was an issue with too much condensation. Other than that? Never had any issues once the eggs were inside, thank goodness, because by then I’d already fixed the issue, but I still cross my fingers a bit the few times I have to check on them.

Also, @vicen86

Thanks! I can’t wait to see what pops out of these! Would love a GHI mojave or mystic potion from Grimm’s eggs, but for Rosalee’s? Not really sure what I want to see more. At least one healthy baby from each clutch, and maaaaybe twins because I think that would be neat as hell, is all I’m really aiming for from these guys.

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Thanks for replying. I see a lot of people saying not to put the eggs directly on and to separate the eggs and vermiculite, but I also see many people just putting the eggs directly on the vermiculite. I’m wondering if it really makes a difference.

No problem! From what I understand, and I might be wrong/miss-remembering here, keeping them off the substrate - vermiculite, perlite, whatever you use - helps to prevent the eggs from soaking up too much water if you make your mixture too wet. That was always the main reason I saw why people might prefer not to have them directly on; you can also add extra water, a bit more freely, when doing that to keep up humidity without worrying about drowning the eggs. I think the go-to is usually light screen? You set that on top of your substrate and then put the eggs on top of that. Some people remove the screen before the eggs hatch, others don’t.

I keep my vermiculite pretty dry to start because of my incubator setup, so I’ve never been too worried about it.

As for separating the eggs, I’ve seen a lot of different reasons, lot of pros vs. cons, but to be honest unless I happen to find a clutch right after they’ve been laid, and they’re not so stuck together, or if a mound is too tall for whatever container I’m using, than I’d rather not risk it. Frankly I don’t quite trust myself to do it gently enough yet. So that’s just my own personal take on it, take it with a grain of salt.


I appreciate your advice!

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Just a quick day 50 update picture for the Lemonblast x GHI clutch. Getting closer to that 55-70 window! :smiley:


Okay, it’s very late and I was about to head to bed when I took a quick peek to check on everybody. Looks like we might have some bad news. I think the two that were developing windows are starting to rot and go green on the inside, or at least the dented one is. The box is also starting to get a smell - not quite bad yet but a little funky for sure.

Other three look fine! But there are spots of mold starting to form. This late in, should I even bother about trying to treat or just leave as is?

Day 67 with no pips in sight, the little shits. lol

I did end up taking out the two bad eggs, though, since they were very clearly gone from this world and the smell was getting pretty bad. They were both positioned upside down at the top of the eggs when I opened them up, and neither appeared to have any obvious deformities (like organs outside where they shouldn’t be) or serious spinal kinks - at least none that I could feel with how tiny they are. The one on top did have what miiiight??? have been some slight kinks near the tail, just based on feel. But I’m not sure.

Good luck with the rest :slight_smile:

I am new to ball pythons but have successfully hatched may other types. I used to place all my eggs in vermiculite about a quarter deep, it stops them rolling around especially as some hatch and move around. For Me previously with 1000 s of non ball pythons I had perfect results if the egg was fertile.
Its about not over saturating the substrate and not letting the egg sit in water…
The best way I found to keep the egg from not siting in water was to make holes in the egg tub below the lowest point the eggs would be buried. That way any excess water would dain out of he hole, the water level would then be below the eggs so they would never sit in water and you would have a resiviour of water that would take you to the end of incubation without the need to top up, even if you did top up any excess would dain below the egg level keeping them dry.
Yes you can weigh the water and vermiculite but that’s a pain and you may need to top up.
I am new to ball pythons and to be honest I read all the ball python stuff and panicked and I did it on egg racks this time withs sticks to keep them from rolling around, but I am going back to my old way.
Ball python eggs are not that different to all the others.

As usual I am willing to learn if ball pythons are so different.

So some good news and some bad news. The good news is that two babies hatched out, one on 8/2 and one on 8/3, and appear to be doing fine - although the little lemonblast had quite a bit of yolk left in the shell I noticed. We’ll see how he does - tentatively naming him Brunhilde for now (really hoping he has GHI, too. Can’t wait for him to shed).

I left them to hang out in the incubator until they were both out of the egg before setting them up on some damp paper towels in the baby rack. I always forget how tiny they are fresh out of the egg! Goodness!

Now, unfortunately, for the bad news. Along with Brunhilde, there was a GHI?? pinstripe that hatched on 8/2 as well, but it was already dead half-way out of the egg by the time I found them both. The umbilical looked a little funky when I took it out (besides just being wrapped around the body)? So I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it, but that was definitely a bummer to find.

Been pretty busy lately with work and getting things set up with the last two babies (waiting for them to eat consistently before I try taking more pictures), but I got my first pip for the GHI x Mystic Potion clutch (9/1)! Glad I actually caught them this time and they weren’t already half out of the egg. Will have to wait and see about the other 2.

No new heads poking out as of right now, but I did wake up to this little guy this morning.

Also, pretty sure that first one that pipped died in the egg. I ended up adding a small slit where that big crease is near the bottom as a backup, since all the ones it made on its own were all right up against the other egg, but it didn’t appear to be responsive so we’ll see.

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