Unhealthy eggs?

So my female just laid her very first clutch that I have ever had and I am very excited only problem is i don’t think the eggs are very healthy but at the same time they do not look like slugs so could someone tell me what you think of them?


You’re not wrong, they don’t look great. Did you candle them to see if they have veins?


Yes they have veins but not many. The thing that I am worried about it that I was on vacation for a week and have no idea how long they were in there.


Assuming the temperatures and humidity were in the right range the mom should have taken care of them fine for a week. It is possible for snakes to lay weak eggs that have no chance of making it to term. Has happened once to me where a girl laid slugs and one weak looking egg that perished about a week later.

I’d say keep incubating until the veins die. Watch that your humidity is good and the eggs aren’t dehydrating further. If you’re getting excessive mold but the egg is still alive use a medicated antifungal foot powder like Lotramin on the mold patches.

Hoping for the best!


Just an idea if you want to rehydrate.
There are a lot of holes in your tub for humidity to escape from, Don’t know how wet the substrate is from a picture.
But anyway, its hard to gage how much water to substrate,
so if you use an egg crate you can over saturate the substrate without the eggs getting wet, and so maximise the humidity without risking the eggs or guessing how much water to substrate…
Works for me with one hole and I rarely need to top up water.
Just make sure the eggs don’t touch water and you will be fine.
All the below have ether slit the shell or hatched this week and they were found a few days late.


They look to far dried out to still be viable from the pic unfortunately. For any chance I strongly recommend doing exactly what @ascended suggests. The only other thing to remember is let this new egg box stabilize for a few hours in the incubator before transferring the eggs. You don’t want the eggs going into a cold wet container. Good luck, I really hope they pull through for you!


I think my very first clutch ever got more dried out than this because I struggled to keep the humidity up for a couple weeks before I learned about Press-n-Seal. So it’s definitely not impossible they’ll survive

Just want to encourage to try getting these eggs turned around. Everyone’s given great advice to give them the best chance!