Unscrupulous Selling of Defective Animals

It may not hurt to check the genders of the second clutch but the presence of a male in the first clutch at least eliminates the possibility I was thinking of for that clutch

Of the four survivors in the second clutch, there are 3 males and 1 female. Looking at the level of jaw deformities and their locomotion, which is really strange, I will be culling 3 of them for sure. The 1 remaining of the 8, I will be observing for a while before making a decision. At a glance, it appears to be fairly normal in appearance and motion.

I have a bit of input here….

I bought a proven breeder female, my girl Ava. A pastel het VPI axanthic. Her clutches from before have been fine, as I saw some of her babies also listed by the same breeder

I also had a male, a banana yellowbelly that I had bought and raised myself. Last year, I paired him to 2 females… Ava, and my spider female Gwen.

Ava’s clutch was a disaster. 8 perfect eggs, 3-4 died during incubation, and of the remaining eggs… 1 baby was tiny and severely kinked. It never made it out of the egg.
One died in the egg of unknown reasons. Had a minor tail kink.
Yet another I had to cull because it’s belly had ruptured.
The last one also has a minor tail kink, but he was the only one who survived. I had to assist feed him for months and months, but he’s now eating on his own and is now a little over 300 grams. He will always be a pet only.

Now, the other clutch? 10 perfect eggs, hatched out 10 perfect babies.
One passed away after hatching but had been eating. Unsure what happened but likely was out of my control.

Now, I still don’t quite know why the first clutch was such a mess. I hatched out 4 clutches that year and the other 3 were just fine. Could have been an incubation issue, could have even been related to the fact that Ava held onto her eggs for almost 50-60 days before laying them… who knows.


How many people besides me had to look this up?


Occam’s Razor is what you use to cut snake eggs :wink:


I was just confused by the term

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Occam’s Razor is a term that has been coined after a philosopher named William of Ockham. Simply put, it states that if there are two or more competing theories, the simplest of the theories tends to be the most likely. It is not always so, but it tends to be accurate more times then not. It is based on making fewer assumptions using the most information.

In the instance I am using it, it seems a stretch to think that everything had to go wrong environmentally for two clutches, independent of the other three in the same environment, when the two clutches had a common denominator of the same male siring each.


Maybe apply Hanlon’s Razor to this breeder you got the male from?


Perhaps. I like where you’re going.