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It is not the garter snakes but on Monday the whole format on site went totally sideways for me in Firefox. I thought it might be something about our work network but it appears fine on IE (please do not ask me why I have to use IE, just accept it and move on LOL). I will add that trying to upload pic to an ad while using IE also does not work

That happens when the style sheets don’t load, I believe. A refresh should do the trick in my experience.
I have seen that on rare occasion, would be curious how often others see it.

Well… I feel stupid that I did not try that and spent the week struggling with the nightmare look LOL

Oh no!! It stayed that way for a WEEK!?

I’m sure if you didn’t try that many or most other people wouldn’t either. That makes it a very severe error, regardless of how easy the fix was. I had no idea it wouldn’t naturally reset somehow.

MorphMarket always tries to take responsibility when things don’t work right. If the user didn’t do it right, we didn’t make it easy or obvious enough.

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Yep, was like that all last week for me. Now, I will say that my work network is… Let us go with “unique” (and I cannot go into details, my apologies) so that may be a contributing factor.

I have not logged in to the site yet today but if it is still sideways and requires the refresh to normalize I will let you know

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