Untrusted to trusted breeder

Hi everyone. I have seen a few people say “buy from a trusted breeder”. This makes me say to myself, “weren’t the they untrusted at some point also?” What takes a breeder from untrusted to trusted? Looking forward to your responses. :slight_smile:

Reputation, people that have been around longer than a few months, people that stand by their animals, people that are involved in the community, people with ethics etc

So buying a snake from Joe Blow on craigslist that is here today, gone tomorrow does not qualify, even though some people think it does :roll_eyes:


That makes sense. I’m guessing it comes off at times as you shouldn’t buy a snake from someone that’s a new seller. I guess it’s more about making sure that person has their priorities in order, their animals are being taken care of, and is trying to make the community better for everyone and not just concerned about themselves.

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Yea I’ve bought from first time breeders and had great experiences but I always get as much information on them as I can. Whether it’s on morphmarket or fb or wherever. If you can’t find anything about them and they dont want to answer your questions then just look for someone who does. A seasoned well known breeder can get annoyed by questions if they dont think you are actually committed, but a 1st timer didn’t earn that same response


Not buying from a new seller doesn’t have much to do with it. Even your long-time breeders started out new at one time. They didn’t just start out with an automatic trusted reputation. I’ve bought more from new breeders than old. And everything went just as good. Its all in how they operate and conduct themselves.

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