Update! Our first babies after shed

Our first ball python babies had their first shed. They are from a pastel female and a lesser pinstripe yellow belly het red axanthic male. As it is my first first clutch ever I really hope to get some help in identifying them. So please shoot your thoughts on them …

I was a little worried to bother them to much now they are still so small so I tried to make pictures that also shows a little belly, but unfortunally it didn’t work every time. So if more pictures are needed, please let me know. I’ll try to get them.



Hopefully this helps people when helping you identify as they have a number now! :sweat_smile:


Thank you! They even a number but totally forgot to put it there.

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My guess:

  1. YB Pinstripe
  2. HRA YB Pinstripe
  3. YB Pastel HRA
  4. Lesser Pastel HRA YB
  5. Lesser HRA
  6. Pastel Lesser (can we get another picture if possible)
  7. Pastel YB HRA
  8. Pastel Pinstripe (can we get another picture for this one also)
  9. Lesser HRA YB Pastel Pinstripe
  10. HRA Pastel

Really thank you for your quick response. Several I already had the same idea but was still doubtfull. The last I thought lesser pin because it is one of the only ones without the purple like colour on the head.

Here is a picture of number 8 when it first hatched. Hope that already helps.

Here a picture from 6 and 10 when first hatched. unfortunally I didn’t make a individual picture then

Here nr. 6 with a little different lighting

If these don’t work I will try to make better pictures tomorrow.


I want to try my hands at IDing these, but I don’t suggest you consider them too hard as I’m new at IDing and just want some practice ^^

  1. Pinstripe
  2. Pastel Pinstripe
  3. Pastel HRA
  4. Lesser Pastel (poss HRA)
  5. Lesser Pastel poss Yellowbelly
  6. Lesser Pastel Yellowbelly
  7. Pastel HRA
  8. Yellowbelly Pinstripe poss pastel
  9. Lesser Pastel Pinstripe HRA
  10. Lesser

I don’t know how to identify Yellowbelly and really have trouble with HRA so take these with a grain of salt

I really also like to try to identify morphs :smiley:. Watched tons of video’s and even did kind of games with myself with those morph 101 and morph specials trying to guess a morph before they tell it but it’s still difficult if you get them youself and they are really small. But a lot I guessed the same as eagle reptiles so at least I was not to far off.

Maybe this helps in the future. What I understood is that yellow belly shows by lighter spot on the head, brighter dorcile, a almost looking like busy checkering line on the sides by the belly (which half of mine don’t have because of lesser pastel combo or pinstripe combo, then the belly is white till the middle of their sides), more flaming on the sides and in combo with pastel an overal lighter colour between alienheads then a normal pastel and lots of flames.

Het red axanthic reduces yellow colour…it on it’s own shows more red colour and the alienheads are really different. The almost look like the alienheads of black pastel. They are a little more irregular than most alienheads in other genen and the middle is more open like the pattern drew a wide line around the middle. Also in combo’s the patrons have the tendency to start floating (closing on the downside)and form a chain just like cinnamon and black pastel (they are allelic to het red). The missing of yellow on the lighter pinstripes made me wonder if het red was inside. They almost show no yellow, but I don’t know how yellow pastel pins and yb pins are as hatchling.

Here a picture of mum and dad


Here as promised the extra pictures

This is no 8:

He/she almost looks identical to no 3:

And here no 6:

After this she decided to totally curl up so I didn’t get any new good picture anymore

Really thank you for helping me identifying them.

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All of that really helps and I’ll keep it in mind thank you! I can identify pretty basic morphs like pastel, lesser/butter, major pattern changers like spider and pinstripe, and surprisingly quite a few dark morphs like GHI and Mojave. I’m better when it comes to hognose snakes lol

Even though my guesses were quite a bit off it seems it’s fun to try to ID them, getting them wrong and knowing why I’m wrong really helps me learn in the long run.

Also these are all gorgeous babies! Really pretty clutch you got btw

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It is indeed fun to id them. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:…and you where not even to far off, only the ones you allready said you don’t know that much where a little off. I have the benefit that I found a hatchling picture of my male on facebook of the breeder, and he showed in a Youtube video the father of my male who is without YB so I have something to compare it to., and still some I was doubting about. But at least this helped me to get more confidend in my judgment. Only have two clutches and next one is a pastel banana male to a fire cinnamon female…it will be a strungle with fire but at least cinny , pastel and banana will be easy. At least thank you for your try…

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